Can I Sell My Pension Annuity In Louisiana?

A pension is a long sought after thing. A person might wonder though if they can do something with their pension annuity.

A pension annuity is money you get from an insurance company when you retire. You use your pension money to buy an annuity.


First off, you don’t just get all your pension as soon as you retire. However, you can take out 25% of the money you have stored up.

After all, it is your money. But the reason why this sum is desirable to take out is that it’s tax free. The rest of your money can be used towards your annuity but will be taxed.

How Is It Paid?

The annuity is paid out by an insurance provider to guarantee you income. You purchase this annuity with your pension money.

In Louisiana, as in other state, you can sell your annuities. However, the problem that most people face is that they are not necessarily easy to sell.


A company called Blueprint is trying to change all of this. They are a start up that hopes to help people to sell annuities.

The reason people might want to sell them is that they might worry they will never use their pension annuities down the road. For them, it is worth the risk.

Usually, the price of these funds can be within the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands down the road. A person might find purchasing these advantageous.

You can potentially be giving yourself a future income stream that otherwise one would not have. And they get this money in the event that the person selling dies early and has no chance to access these funds.

State Guaranteed

States will put up a guarantee fund in case insurance companies become bankrupt. For Louisiana, the number(225) 381-0656 can be called to obtain more information on guarantee funds for the state.

Also, this website gives more details.

Why Sell?

In general, the reason people sell their pension annuities vary. One major reason is to get more cash up front.

People might need to buy a house or send a child to university. Everyone will have different reasons.

Although pension annuities from certain insurance companies might not qualify, others may.

That’s why it’s important to contact a place that specializes in selling. Here at we can answer your questions.

Ultimately an in person meeting, or phone chat, is important in order to fully know whether one can sell a pension annuity in Louisiana. Contact us to connect!

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