Selling A Promissory Note In Louisiana

In this article we’re going to talk about selling a promissory note in Louisiana. As an investor you should always be aware of potential opportunities to sell your promissory note. Spotting opportunities will allow you to be more in control when it comes to setting the terms of the sale. Perhaps you’re already beyond that … Continued

Sell My New Orleans Business Note Fast

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Deferred Annuity vs Immediate Annuity In Louisiana

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Can I Sell Part Of My Land If I Have A Private Mortgage?

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Can I Sell My Pension Annuity In Louisiana?

A pension is a long sought after thing. A person might wonder though if they can do something with their pension annuity. A pension annuity is money you get from an insurance company when you retire. You use your pension money to buy an annuity. Retiring First off, you don’t just get all your pension … Continued

Importance Of Ethics And Values For Mortgage Note Brokers

Values and ethics are very important in the mortgage note industry. Here are ethic considerations we as a mortgage brokers keep in mind as they pertain to values when dealing with a customer. This short video from our You Tube Channelour You Tube Channelour You Tube Channel deals with the important subject of ethics and … Continued

How To Easily Sell Commercial Property Notes In Louisiana

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Selling A Private Mortgage Note In New Orleans, Louisiana

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Land Buyers In Louisiana – Read These Top Tips Find Them

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Lake Charles Louisiana Real Estate Statistic March 2019

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What to Know about Capital Gains in Louisiana

A capital gain tax in Louisiana occurs when you profit from selling investments meaning you sold it for more than you paid for it. For example, if you bought a house $130,000 and sold it for $160,000.00, you would have to report $30,000 in capital gains. If the house sold for less than you paid … Continued

5 Tips For Selling Your Mobile Home In Lake Charles

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